Interesting Facts You Need to Know About CBD Oil

cbd oil in a bottle made for cannabidiol hemp oil
In the past couple decades, a lot of research has gone into the use of Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, which is one of the extracts obtained from hemp. CBD oil the most popular medical marijuana product in America due to its many health benefits. CBD oil has been proven to treat conditions such as anxiety, epileptic seizures, chronic pain, among others. However, many people are still skeptical about the use of CBD oil mainly due to ignorance or lack of accurate information about it. The following are some essential things you need to learn about CBD oil.

Types of CBD Oil Products

CBD oil can be used to create a number of products ranging in price, potency, and method of use. The following are the main CBD oil products:

1. Pure CBD Oils

As the name suggests, this is an all natural hemp oil that is extracted from the hemp plant’s stalk and packaged with no additives. It is the most potent CBD oils product available. Pure oils have over 100mg CBD concentration per serving. Therefore, it is best for people looking for more powerful effects.

2. CBD Capsules

CBD capsules provide an easy way for people to get their daily CBD intake. The capsules are easy to swallow which makes them perfect for use even by kids. CBD capsules are perfect for you if you are always on the move or looking for a convenient way to get your daily dose of CBD. The recommended dosage is one capsule a day which can be taken at any time.

3. CBD Tinctures

This is the most popular form of CBD oil products. To make CBD tinctures, the pure CBD oil is dissolved into alcohol or any other natural oil base. Tinctures have the lowest concentration of CBD. This makes them perfect for new users, kids, and people who don’t need a high CBD concentration. CBD liquids can also be flavored to make them enjoyable for kids or anyone with a sweet tooth.

4. CBD Topicals

Most CBD products are taken internally, but not all of them. CBD oil topicals are applied on the skin which absorbs them to give you the desired effects. Most topicals are blended with other natural botanical blends and essential oils that contain vital body care nutrients like vitamins, omega fatty acids, amino acids, terpenes, and chlorophyll.

Ways of Taking CBD Oil

CBD Oils can be taken both internally and externally using the following methods:
  1. Ingestion – this is simply swallowing the CBD oil. IT is suitable for CBD capsules, CBD pure oil, or CBD liquids. You can mix the CBD with your favorite food or drink to quicken the processing of the CBD.
  2. Vape – Vaping is using a vaporizer pen to smoke CBD oils. This is a popular method of consumption especially for health-conscious consumers who don’t want to harm their lungs. Effects are also felt faster as the lungs have a large absorptive surface area.
  3. CBD Chewing gum – This is probably the most enjoyable way to get CBD especially for young people.
  4. Rubbing or spraying- there are many CBD oil-infused skin care products and sprays available today. They are easily absorbed into the skin.


CBD oils have made the lives of lots of people dealing with various conditions so much easier. With more research into medical marijuana, we can only hope that more ways of using marijuana for good can be discovered and applied. For more information, check out this article on CBD where more information is given.