Recreational CBD – What are the effects?

recreational cbd from dixie botanicals

Isn’t it annoying when you ask your friends how recreational cbd makes them feel and they answer “nice”? I mean, you expect a definitive answer, right? We all experience different effects of recreational cbd. Throughout this article, I’ll describe the common feelings we get. Hopefully, you will be in a better position to understand how it makes you feel.

1. You don’t get “high”

CBD oil is extracted from the industrial hemp plant. The hemp plant and the marijuana plants look alike but they’re very different. Most people don’t know this. CBD oil contains very low levels of THC – the psychoactive chemical present in marijuana. You will never experience the “high” even after buying the most concentrated CBD oil.

This oil improves your state of mind in more ways than we may think. It promotes mental awareness using unique ways – using the placebo effect. This is where you trick your mind into believing that the CBD oil works just like marijuana. Your mind will release dopamine and you will experience that feel-good feeling. With its biggest benefit being that you do not experience addiction.

2. Increased mental energy

What do you do when your mind is so tired that it won’t concentrate? Some of us go for a walk, a few have coffee and the rest sleep. One way of promoting productivity is through cannabidiol. A recent research showed that most people who had trouble maintaining productivity generally had endocannabinoid deficiency. When subjected to CBD oil treatment, they regained productivity. Unlike Cannabis that causes paranoia and anxiety, cannabis helps in boosting mental energy helping us accomplish tasks faster.

CBD oils help in strengthening the body’s cell structure too. This means that they’re always in a top-notch working condition. This oil helps in enhancing metabolism and your body operates at a high mental (and physical) energy level. This is how recreational cbd improves your concentration by boosting your mental energy.

3. You feel relaxed

How many of you know that recreational cbd usage helps in relaxation? While THC triggers the fight or flight mechanism causing anxiety, we experience rather different effects of recreational cbd. It suppresses anxiety and we’re more likely to relax as a result. In one research that compared THC to CBD, researchers concluded that CBD suppresses rapid breathing and fast heartbeats. In short, it inhibits the instinctive fear mechanism that sometimes holds us back from achieving our true potential.

4. Helps in fighting pain and inflammation

Since ancient times, the Chinese have been using CBD oil to manage pain. Here’s a quick overview of how it works to relieve chronic joint pain. Recreational cbd oil mitigates inflammation by working together with the body’s endocannabinoid receptors. We’ve all known that this oil has analgesic properties. Perhaps this is why there are many muscle pain relievers using CBD as the active ingredient. CBD oil easily diffuses into the body and this is why these creams are meant to be applied to the skin.

Recreational CBD usage is often used to treat a variety of painful conditions. Doctors commonly recommend it to patients suffering from arthritis, joint pain, and the classic muscle soreness. Next time you’re feeling sore after a steamy gym session, try applying CBD oil instead. It’s effective, safe and most importantly – it gets the job done.

5. Helps you embrace a good mood

How is this even possible? Now that you know CBD is non-psychoactive, you may think that it doesn’t have any effects on the central nervous system. As many recreational cbd users swear, it’s quite effective in uplifting moods. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not implying that this is the secret to happiness but it definitely has anti-depressant properties. It works in a rather amusing way. Instead of promoting good vibes, it suppresses those bad feelings. What do I mean by this? Instead of feeling happy, you will notice that you will no longer feel sad. Sounds the same, right? Well, they’re not. Ask friends for where to buy recreational cbd and try it yourself.

6. Better sleep patterns

We all experience insomnia once in a while. In fact, a few psychologists argue that it’s one of the most common sleep disorders. Those have ever experienced it can tell you that’s it’s not the most pleasant thing. There are several studies arguing that CBD has positive effects on sleep. Perhaps it does this by eliminating anxiety.

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